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Next Generation Broadcast Solutions

Our Interactive & Social TV solution makes it possible to create companion device social applications that greatly enhance the TV viewing experience.
Our Visual Radio system enables radio station to transform their listeners into engaged viewers with interactive graphics such as rss feeds, social media feeds and advertisement.
Now it’s possible for you to connect to your audience wherever they happen to be, on whatever device with our cloud connected app & Content Delivery Network.
We can provide flexible resources with technology to support full HD & SD production, both live & recorded that meet the demands of the broadcast industry.
From small studio for new media channel or up to full blown audience participation shows, we can design, construct & integrate it with the latest technical solutions.
We want your message to be heard by using the power of images to maximize the impact of visual story telling. Let your song be heard through your music video. Make it authentic.

Give a new dimension to your Radio with IMN Visual Radio.

Awesome features include multi format SD/HD multimedia playback, multi camera control, video/image slideshow, real time graphics, social media feeds & other features customize according to your needs.
Creative Solution

Real Time Automation

All of our system utilize the latest generation CPU and GPU chips, ensuring real-time performance is delivered from the multi-tasking environment.

Responsive Layout

Social Media Interaction

Allow your audience to participate in your show. Create a vote meter or start a discussion and let your listeners express their opinion via Social Media.

Customizable Colors

Support SD & HD Playback

Video clips in a variety of formats and resolutions, both standard and high definition, can be easily imported & mixed in the same system.

Custom Backgrounds

Lower Operational Cost

We provide TV stations & media studio with user friendly & revolutionary broadcast applications that will automate their operations, save time and cut costs.

Easy Theme Options

Run On Standard Hardware

All of our system runs on powerful standard workstation hardware. Results in more flexibility, no vendor locking & no system integration issues.

24x7 Unmatched Support

24x7 Online Support

Our online helpdesk is available to give your IT department all the necessary support to guarantee the efficient use of our products.

Our Portfolio

A defining experience is special, unique, and memorable. It is something we draw upon for inspiration, motivation, and direction. These moments in our lives shape who we are and define what we believe.

Why Choose Us?
As methods of broadcasting evolve and technologies change, we continues to provide high quality, easy to use, innovative & revolutionary products for the broadcast industry. Whatever your requirement we have the right answer on creativity and cost.
Our Strengths
Since 2004, we’ve pioneered innovative technology and services for the broadcast media industry and we will continue to invest in the future with one single-minded purpose - enabling freedom to publish without constraints.
Our Mission
Our mission is to help content owners, broadcasters, new media companies and mobile operators of all sizes by developing an innovative and affordable products.
Our Vision
Our vision is to continue to operate as a business with integrity and quality, that performs at the highest service levels, innovates with market-leading products, meets its financial commitments, delivers superior client service, and serves as an employer of choice for its people.

Our Clients

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